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My name is Haliegh Reinoehl and I am the founder/CEO of LiveFive. My mission is to make your vision come to life online. This will happen through clear communication, customer service, and dedication to the goals of your business. Not only can my team and I create you an aesthetically pleasing website, but we can assist you in all other technical parts to further your online presence, including ad placements, social media marketing, and continuous management. We value a team-centric approach and can’t wait to be a part of your company’s journey.

LiveFive Web Design Founder and CEO

Haliegh Reinoehl
Owner of LiveFive Web Design
Web Developer


My name is Mikayla Williams. My purpose is to assist you with all your needs ranging from the ideation of content to establishing your brand. Additionally, I can promote your business and complete analysis of the trends, such as converted clicks and engagement with advertisement(s). With a Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, I understand the processes company’s undertake to differentiate themselves as well as finding a customer-centric balance when promoting your company.  A picture can be worth a thousand words, but so is a thousand words if utilized properly! Let us help you determine the best direction for your business.

LiveFive Web Design SEO Director Mikayla Williams

Mikayla Williams
SEO Director & Web Designer


My name is Julian Decoite and I am partnered with LiveFive as a premier Graphic Designer. With over ten years of experience in the field, I can support you from concept-to-creation of logos, print and web graphics, custom t-shirt illustrations, typography design, product presentation, and photography. How your company is depicted, whether it is digitally or physically, can build your brand into something recognizable by recurrent and new customers. I am passionate about what I do and love assisting clients one on one in the visualizations of their company. I look forward to working with you. 

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LiveFive Graphic Designer Julian Decoite

My name is Sarah Mortensen and I am the Social Media Director of LiveFive Web Design. My goal is to assist you in increasing your customer engagement and brand’s reach through the power of social media. In addition to my social media background, I graduated from Villanova University with a Bachelor’s of Business Management and a Master’s in Finance. I believe properly designed visual expressions of your brand can result in elevating your company into an easily recognizable entity. I specialize in advertisements on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I am proud to be a part of a company that passionately works with its clients to make their visions come true. I will work with you to design social media strategies that align with your needs.

Julian Decoite
Graphic Designer


LiveFive Social Media Manager Sarah Mortensen

Sarah Mortensen
Head of Social Media Development 


My name is Emma Karamovic. I have vast experience as a writer, ranging from international informational articles to researched-backed scientific blogs to engagement-focused blurbs. Additionally, I have written for leading marketing companies in Sweden that has taught me keywords and where to put emphasis on your content to draw more traffic to your site. With one on one dedication, we can work together to establish the voice and tone of your company and reach your desires of informing customers about your industry to developing conversations between your company and your community. 

LiveFive Content Development Head Emma Karamovic

Emma Karamovic
Head of Content Development  


My name is Raya Mckay and I specialize in social media development and web design. Social media gives a company or individual a way to expand in this now digital world. Social media is about engagement and interaction. I am here to help you grow your account and business by micro managing your accounts so you don’t have too. I have a vast understand of social media analytics and development. I'm skilled in Facebook (Meta), Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and LinkedIn. We will work as a team to bring your ideas to life within the social media space. Social media growth takes time and consistency. I allow my busy clients to sit back and watch their accounts gain interaction while I do the work.   We will discuss marketing ideas and layouts that best showcase your company. I have experience in UX web design and user friendly web pathways as well! I am here to make your website a pleasant experience for your users. 

LiveFive Social Media Manager Raya McKay


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Indianapolis, Indiana 

Raya Mckay
Social Media & Web Manager